Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Moraji Deshai and John Seeya මොරාජි දේශායි සහ ජෝන් සීයා

(this photo is from taken from  internet sources)
ජෝන් සීයා කූඩැල්ලො තෙරපිය පාවිච්චි කරපු හැටි

මොරාජි දේශායි නම මට මතක හිටියෙ කොහොමද?

Once Indian Prime -77-79, during my OL/Al time for one thing his name was stuck in my mind for ever.
That is because  he was his own urine drinker, he lived 99 years. He was Moraji Desahi
 මොරාජි දේශායි සහ ජෝන් සීයා
Recently AFL (Australian Foot Ball League), held annual Brown Low medal Ceramony, where the best player is selected through a voting process and award is presented. But the Item drew my attention was a former Brown Low medalist who had under gone 16 brain tumor and four more to be done, hefty fellow with a strong voice he said he does what ever it takes to get out of this sickness and said he drinks his urine as an alternative therapy.

And the John Seeya must have died 40 years ago, he is tall dark fellow who had amazing craftsmanship to my   memory. I remember I am watching that in disgust when he uses live  leeches to suck 'bad blood' ( according to him) from his feet which had wounds all over, that gave me dirty feeling, but to my surprise presently Western Medicine also practices this therapy.

There are other alternative therapies like mosquito therapy and worm therapy, I am sure many more to come

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