Monday, April 30, 2012

කවුද මේ? Sri Lankans Got Talent

Andrew De Silva - Australia's Got Talent 2012 audition 6 [FULL]

මගේ හිතවතෙක් එවපු ඊමේලයක තිබුනු පොඩි කතාවක් හා වීඩියෝ පටයක් මගේ හිත ගත්තා.

කතාව පහත දැක්වේ.

Last night I watched this performance & it stunned the judges and the audience
On AUSTRALIA’S GOT TALENT – He is Sri Lankan and is the son of the
Famous vocalist CONRAD DE SILVA
If you missed it here is your chance to watch him – brilliant – standing ovation
And now the betting is on him to win this contest.

මේකයි වෙඩියෝ එක

බලන්න කවුද කියල...


  1. Please publish this link in all the other places mate. He is superb. I ended up with tears in my eyes. Please send this to other bloggers. Thank you for putting this up here.

  2. Will publish this link in my blog.
    Thanks for sharing this Dayal.

  3. he is an Australian,, why should we care ??

  4. he is not the son of Conrad De Silva. Get the facts right.

  5. Ano 1, that is your view and why should one challenge that?

  6. Ano 2, I try to find out the facts. thanks


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